Zombicide (2nd Edition): Zombies & Companions Upgrade Kit

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This upgrade kit gives you 132 cards for all of the special 1st Edition types of Zombies and Companions, updated to 2nd Edition look and mechanics. As these will have the same card backs as the other 2nd Edition cards, you can just shuffle them into your decks. These cards have been updated to 2nd Edition, with optimized organization, more spawns per card, and Zombie Rushes scattered around!

This set contains 2nd Edition cards for the following:

Toxic Zombies (Toxic City Mall)
Berserker Zombies (Prison Outbreak)
Skinner Zombies (Rue Morgue)
Seeker Zombies (Angry Neighbors)
VIP Zombies
Lost Zombivors
Dog Companions
Human Companions (Angry Neighbors)