Unfathomable: From the Abyss Expansion

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"I cannot think of the deep sea without shuddering at the nameless things that may at this very moment be crawling and floundering on its slimy bed . . ." -H.P. Lovecraft

This voyage just got a lot more dangerous.

In From the Abyss, the SS Atlantica and its journey to Boston are submerged in even deeper peril. New, horrifying monsters emerge from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to assail the ship, and the waters of the ocean itself have grown violent enough to sweep the passengers overboard. New treacheries are here to sabotage the ship, and with the mythos deck doubling in size, fresh dangers will threaten the Atlantica at every turn.

Fortunately, the humans aboard this ship have some new tools at their disposal. In addition to eight new playable characters, players now have access to ally cards that move around the ship independently and help keep it afloat. New prelude cards can alter the conditions at the start of the game, providing even more variety so that no two games ever play out the same way. With new skills, items, and the brand-new boon cards, the struggle for the SS Atlantica has never been this fierce!


1 Rulebook
3 Horror Figures
8 Character Sheets
3 Expansion Reference Sheets
3 Traitor Reference Sheets
6 Player Reference Sheets
8 Character Standees
1 Horror Token
2 Overlay Tiles
15 Prelude Cards
4 Horror Cards
72 Mythos Cards
8 Character-specific Mythos Cards
2 Title Cards
12 Ally Cards
10 Spell Cards
10 Waypoint Cards
11 Item Cards
2 Ship Damage Cards
8 Feat Cards
35 Skill Cards