Terraforming Mars: Venus Next

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More Than 50 Additional Components for Terraforming Mars!

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Venus Board
  • 5 Corporation Cards
  • 49 Project Cards
  • 1 Venus Marker
  • 1 Hoverlord Milestone Tile
  • 1 Venuphile Award Tile

  • To Venus!

    With the terraforming of Mars initiated, and several projects already being implemented, the World Government on Earth sees an opportunity to start working on terraforming Venus as well. It is a much more difficult task, and will most likely take a thousand years. All the more reason to get started now!

    Terraforming Mars: Venus Next is the second expansion to the critically-acclaimed Terraforming Mars and adds a new board with a fourth global parameter and additional city areas along with new cards, new resources, a new milestone, and a new award. Add an extra dimension to your games of Terraforming Mars as you work with the World Government to initiate the next phase of terraforming operation! Terraforming Mars: Venus Next awaits you!