Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium Expansion

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Two New Maps Put Your Strategies to the Test!


The Hellas map focuses on the southern pole of Mars and the great Hellas sea. The plant bonuses line the equator near the top of the map, with a new placement bonus in the form of heat on the Hellas sea tiles and surrounding the south pole. There's also another new placement bonus at the center of the south pole which allows players to exchange six megacredits to place an ocean tile on any available ocean area.

In addition to the new placement bonuses, there are new Milestones and Awards to pursue.

Diversifier - Have 8 different tags in play.
Tactician - Have 5 cards with requirements in play.
Polar Explorer - Have 3 tiles on the two bottom rows
Energizer - Have 6 energy production.
Rim Settler - Have 3 jovian tags.

Cultivator - Most greenery tiles.
Magnate - Most automated cards in play (green cards).
Space Baron - Most space tags (event cards do not count)
Excentric - Most resources on cards.
Contractor - Most building tags (event cards do not count).

Challenge yourself and change up your strategy to succeed on the Hellas map!


Elysium lays to the West of the original map for Terraforming Mars. While this map doesn't add any new placement bonuses, it does introduce more volcanic sites and Noctis City can be placed without restriction.

Like the Hellas map, the Elysium map has its own unique Milestones and Awards.

Generalist - Must have increase all 6 productions by at least 1 step (starting production from corporation cards count as increase).
Specialist - Have at least 10 production of any resource.
Ecologist - Have 4 bio tags (plant-, microbe-, and animal tags count as bio tags).
Tycoon - Have 15 project cards in play (blue and green cards).
Legend - Requires 5 played events (red cards).

Celebrity - Most cards in play (not events) with a cost of at least 20 megacredits.
Industrialist - Most steel and energy resources.
Desert Settler - Most tiles south of the equator (the four bottom rows).
Estate Dealer - Most tiles adjacent to ocean tiles.
Benefactor - Highest terrafrom rating. Count this award first!

Test out new strategies and aim for the top on the Elysium map!