Starfinder Adventure Path 22: Attack of the Swarm! Chapter 4: Forever Reliquary

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The heroes must hunt for an icy comet hurtling through the void, the supposed home to a secret monastery dedicated to the insect goddess Hylax. Once there, they must work to gain the inhabitants' trust by undertaking a series of trials. If they succeed, they will gain access to a powerful artifact that will aid in the battle against the ravenous, alien Swarm! But before the monks can entrust the item to the PCs, the comet is besieged by waves of Swarm creatures eager to get the artifact for themselves!

"The Forever Reliquary" is a Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for four 7th-level characters. This adventure continues the Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path, a six-part, monthly campaign in which the heroes fight back against a ruthless and nigh-unstoppable alien invasion. This volume also includes an examination of the faith of Hylax, a description of other monasteries throughout the galaxy, and a selection of new Swarm monsters and other harrowing threats.