Pandemic Legacy: Season 0

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The World Is on the Brink, and the Clock Is Ticking...

1962. The height of the Cold War. We've fought the Soviets on many fronts. Now, they have begun work on a new weapon, a pathogen of unknown origin that could tip the balance of power and cause unprecedented destruction.

This is what you've trained for. It's what he CIA recruited you for. Travel the world using carefully constructed aliases, seeking the enemy out and uncovering their secrets. This will be the most important mission of your career. The world hangs in the balance, and time is running out.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 is an epic cooperative game for 2-4 players. You and your team will play through a 12-month campaign. Your success and failures will have an impact on future missions. Follow the rules and regulations laid out for you, and I promise your missions will go smoothly. TRUST NO ONE! Make your own choices, or you'll regret it.


1 Board
4 Passports
4 Pawns
9 Team Figures
8 Safehouses
36 Agent Figures
35 Markers
3 Sticker Sheets
2 File Folders
4 Reference Sheets
134 Legacy Cards
151 Other Cards
3 Dossiers
8 Safe Deposit Boxes
1 Rulebook
1 Debrief Book
And much more!

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes