Legend of the Five Rings: Tears of Amaterasu Dynasty Pack

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What's in the Box?

60 Exciting New Cards to Customize Your Decks!

  • 3x Blood of Onnotangu (1/20 Neutral)
  • 3x Tears of Amaterasu (2/20 Neutral)
  • 3x Staunch Hida (3/20 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Karada District (4/20 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Doji Representative (5/20 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Kitsuki Yaruma (6/20 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Gifted Tactitian (7/20 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Hito District (8/20 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Isawa Kaede (9/20 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Swift Magistrate (10/20 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Windswept Yurt (11/20 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Crane (12/20 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Disdainful Remark (13/20 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Jade Masterpiece (14/20 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Time for War (15/20 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Embrace the Void (16/20 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Meek Informant (17/20 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Smoke and Mirrors (18/20 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Goblin Sneak (19/20 Neutral)
  • 3x Finger of Jade (20/20 Neutral)

  • The Imperial Cycle

    The political machinations of the Great Clans are becoming ever more complex as they vie for power and influence. The Scorpions attempt to manipulate the political climate to ensure their influence and power while several other clans begin banding together in what seems to be an amicable alliance. What will these new machinations bring to Rokugan, and how will that manifest itself on the field of battle?

    Tears of Amaterasu is the first Dynasty Pack of The Imperial Cycle, introducing 20 new cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Customize your decks with new combinations of cards and create new strategies with the options presented in this new Dynasty Pack!

    Expand Your Options!

    Tears of Amaterasu adds a new layer to the intrigue and excitement of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Increase your options and pick up the Tears of Amaterasu Dynasty Pack today!