Legend of the Five Rings: Meditations on the Ephemeral Dynasty Pack

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What's in the Box?

60 Exciting New Cards to Customize Your Decks!

  • 3x Along the River of Gold (101/120 Neutral)
  • 3x Kuni Ritsuko (102/120 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Iron Mine (103/120 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Silver-Tongues Magistrate (104/120 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Togashi Mendicant (105/120 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Beastmaster Matriarch (106/120 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Asaki Tsuki (107/120 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Kanjo District (108/120 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Sake House Confidant (109/120 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Illustrious Plagiarist (110/120 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Shinjo Scout (111/120 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Miya Satoshi (112/120 Neutral)
  • 3x Pillow Book (113/120 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Dragon (114/120 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Written in the Stars (115/120 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x A Legion of One (116/120 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Oni Mask (117/120 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Unicorn (118/120 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Talisman of the Sun (119/120 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Mono no Aware (120/120 Neutral)

  • The Imperial Cycle

    The political machinations of the Great Clans are becoming ever more complex as they vie for power and influence. With a new Emerald Champion crowned, the interclan tensions continue to shift in the ever-changing political landscape of Rokugan. What's more, a bigger problem is beginning to stir and spread which may have grave consequences.

    Meditations on the Ephemeral is the sixth and final Dynasty Pack of The Imperial Cycle, introducing 20 new cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Customize your decks with new combinations of cards and create new strategies with the options presented in this new Dynasty Pack!

    Expand Your Options!

    Meditations on the Ephemeral adds a new layer to the intrigue and excitement of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Increase your options and pick up the Meditations on the Ephemeral Dynasty Pack today!