Legend of the Five Rings: Into the Forbidden City Dynasty Pack

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What's in the Box?

20 Exciting New Cards to Customize Your Decks!

  • 3x Feast or Famine (41/60 Neutral)
  • 3x Public Forum (42/60 Neutral)
  • 3x Kakita Yoshi (43/60 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Chisei District (44/60 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Enigmatic Magistrate (45/60 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Prodigy of the Waves (46/60 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Back-Alley Hideaway (47/60 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Child of the Plains (48/60 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x War Dog Master (49/60 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Hiruma Skirmisher (50/60 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Crab (51/60 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Mantra of Water (52/60 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Ageless Crone (53/60 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Test of Courage (54/60 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Benten's Touch (55/60 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Bayushi Kachiko (56/60 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Misinformation (57/60 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Chasing the Sun (58/60 Unicorn Saddle)
  • 3x Tattered Missive (59/60 Neutral)
  • 3x Censure (60/60 Neutral)

  • The Imperial Cycle

    The political machinations of the Great Clans are becoming ever more complex as they vie for power and influence. The Lion Clan has acted to seize Unicorn territory in reparations for what they view as a broken promise. A failed treaty between the two clans called for the betrothal of Shinjo Altansarnai and a commander of the Lion Clan, thus solidifying their alliance and raising the status of the Unicorn. But, Altansarnai rejected the betrothal, evoking the anger of the Lion and attacks against Unicorn villages. How will this conflict play out and what will it mean for the other clans?

    Into the Forbidden City is the third Dynasty Pack of The Imperial Cycle, introducing 20 new cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Customize your decks with new combinations of cards and create new strategies with the options presented in this new Dynasty Pack!

    Expand Your Options!

    Into the Forbidden City adds a new layer to the intrigue and excitement of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Increase your options and pick up the Into the Forbidden City Dynasty Pack today!