Legend of the Five Rings: For Honor and Glory Dynasty Pack

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What's in the Box?

20 Exciting New Cards to Customize Your Decks!

  • 3x Frostbitten Crossing (21/40 Neutral)
  • 3x Riot in the Streets (22/40 Neutral)
  • 3x Stoic Magistrate (23/40 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Kabuki Hero (24/40 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Northern Wall Sensei (25/40 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Ikoma Ujiaki (26/40 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Magnificent Lighthouse (27/40 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Bayushi Yojiro (28/40 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Ide Tadaji (29/40 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Miwaku Kabe (30/40 Neutral)
  • 3x Pathfinder's Blade (31/40 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Raise the Alarm (32/40 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Kakita Blade (33/40 Crane Clan)
  • 3x High Kick (34/40 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Kamayari (35/40 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Shrine Maiden (36/40 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Harmonize (37/40 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Scorpion (38/40 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Shinjo Saddle (39/40 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Policy Debate (40/40 Neutral)

  • The Imperial Cycle

    The political machinations of the Great Clans are becoming ever more complex as they vie for power and influence. The Crab Clan seeks aid in their campaign to protect the Kaiu Wall from the horrors of the Shadowlands, however, they meet resistance from the other clans when it comes to providing troops, weapons, and jade. There are too many risks to transporting an army, and the treacherous clan of pirates, the Mantis Clan, is a constant threat to any potential aid. With the situation growing ever more dire, how will the Crab hold out against the assault from the Shadowlands?

    For Honor and Glory is the second Dynasty Pack of The Imperial Cycle, introducing 20 new cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Customize your decks with new combinations of cards and create new strategies with the options presented in this new Dynasty Pack!

    Expand Your Options!

    For Honor and Glory adds a new layer to the intrigue and excitement of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Increase your options and pick up the For Honor and Glory Dynasty Pack today!