Cyberpunk Red RPG: Danger Gal Dossier

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Night City holds millions of stories and the operatives of Danger Gal, the world's premiere private detective and security Corp, know them all. Discover the factions and the people who make Night City come alive, in all its messy glory, and learn how to create your own NPCs to give the city your own shine.

Inside this book, you'll find:
-Lore and details on 17 factions in Night City, from individual Edgerunner Crews and Nomad Packs to NCPD and Megacorp Operatives.

-Stats and biographies on over 100 NPCs, ranging from newly inducted gang mooks to powerful cyberpsychos ready to rip up The Street. And every single one already has a miniature available from our partners at Monster Fight Club.

-Guidelines for creating your own NPCs, of any power level from Mook to Boss.

-A new mission set in Night City. A team of newbie Edgeunners managed to infiltrate Danger Gal HQ. How did they do it? And why? You'll be hired to find out!