Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone

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Monster Fight Club Cyberpunk Red Board Game: Combat Zone Core Game

Night City, 2045. You are the leader of a cyber-enhanced gang. The air is thick with smog and tension as you watch your rivals lurk in the shadows, and brace for another brutal clash. Welcome to the Combat Zone. In these lawless neon-bathed streets, you dominate or die.

A fast-paced game engine.

Crafted by veteran creators of tabletop games, Combat Zone lets you act and react in organic, free-flowing actions. No rounds, no turns - the game just goes.

A high-tech dystopia with rich world-building.

Take part in your own story set in the world of Cyberpunk and spark your imagination using scenario cards, a terrain set, and truly gorgeous miniatures.

An easy way to keep track of the action.

Characters have green, yellow, and red actions. Depending on what color action you're taking, you'll roll a different size die or move a different distance. As characters take wounds, their actions turn red - and the red action dice is only six-sided!

A new and intuitive “Limiter” based movement and range system

Leaving the traditional rulers and tape measure behind and allowing your characters’ attacks and movements to depend on the quality of their actions.