Cyberpunk 2020: Live & Direct

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  • In the 21st century, no one and nothing has more effect on the people than the media, its creators, and its reporters. Military strength and economic might are hallmarks of nation-state and mega-corp alike, but it is influence -- the ability to shape perceptions, opinions, and even emotions of billions of people worldwide -- that ensures the power of the media. After all, it’s larger than life, a projection of dreams and hopes for all to see and share....

    Live and Direct flings you headfirst into this all-pervasive worldview, highlighting the Media role and its venues:

    •History of the mass media: From its 18th century origins to the most recent events in the DMS/Net 54 rivalry.
    •How media is disseminated: Watch radio and TV give way to screamsheets and braindance.
    •New Media character templates: War Correspondent, Social Reporter, Police Beat, Paparazzo, Propagandist, Tabloid Writer, and more.
    •The Media Campaign: Underground, Government, or Freelance style? The pros and cons of each.
    •An in-depth look at Net 54, DMS and WNS, the top 3 mediacorps in the world.
    •Plus -- C. J. O’Reilly Goes Hollywood: an all-new adventure story!

    You heard it here first. Where the "truth" is open for business -- 24 hours a day!!