Cyberpunk 2020: Listen Up Screwheads

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  • "Bob's super-Solo's killing everything he meets!"

    "My players always start the adventure in a bar!"

    "Why can't I get anyone to play Netrunners??"

    Does this sound like YOU? Refs. Let's be honest. You've heard this kind of whining before -- and aren't you sick of it? I mean just fed up to here ... so much that you wanted to leap across the table and kill the guy!?'s YOU?

    Before you restore to cyberenhanced suicide; examine the alternative: Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads!!!! The Unexpurgated CyberPunk Referee's Guide. We grabbed six of CYBERPUNK's best (and most opinionated) Referees, writers, and players, as well as the creator himself, by the scruffs of their necks and made them tell us what to do --

    • How to start a Campaign
    • Good character rule choices -- that aren't just Solos
    • When your players think that they're smarter than you.
    • Beef up your Lifepath: Why should the Cybergen kids get all the angst?
    • How to run combat against an ex-Marine -- and not lose all your NPCs in the first round
    • As a bonus, you get Uncle Mike's Dirty Tricks: notes by the Master from a thousand savage conventions

    BUT WAIT -- there's more:

    • Blowing Things up for Pleasure & Profit -- and Explosives system that's realistic and works!
    • And a completely indexed list of all the new skills and rules ever published!