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You are great Inca dignitaries, fighting for political supremacy in the Andes. You must exploit the new, still virgin territory of Morray, north of Cuzco, a vast region of forests and mountains, to find the new bases of your civilization.

You must irrigate the soil and plant innovative food crops in circular terraces. Build Villages, then transform them into Cities by building Temples. Then expand the Temples and organize ever grander festival in honor of the Sun God. Whoever earns the most Prestige will be declared Emperor!

1 Gameboard
48 Inca Meeples
4 Prestige Markers
56 Triple Terrains
20 Double Terrains
20 Single Terrains
19 Irrigation Ponds
12 Additional Action Tokens
15 Solar Discs
30 Festival Cards
47 Temple Floors
4 Player Aids

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90 minutes