RIFTS: Northern Gun Two

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Rifts® World Book 34: 
Northern Gun Two

This book is huge and filled with page after page of new, exciting source material. More than 80 pages are dedicated to NG power armor, plus there are section on hovercycles, body armor, robot drones, amphibious vehicles, combat vehicles, ground vehicles, and other gear, plus gladiators of the Robodome and more. Including some hints about things to come and NG’s relationship with the Coalition States.

  • 30+ NG power armor suits; an expansive range.
  • 30+ suits of M.D.C. body armor.
  • 20+ types of “armored clothing.”
  • NG robot haulers and drones.
  • NG combat vehicles.
  • NG amphibious vehicles and watercraft.
  • NG hovercycles, aircraft and Commercial vehicles.
  • NG combat gear and other equipment.
  • NG Robodome – Robot Gladiatorial Arena.
  • Robot Gladiator O.C.C. and robot gladiators.
  • Pirates and more.