Castle Falkenstein: Steam Age

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  • Steam! The mighty force that drives the gears for the Falkenstein World; a force so powerful the Age was named after it! Now at long last, the secrets of Steam are revealed to one and all in this stunning reprint of Popular Invention, the official Journal of Steam Age Technology and Invention.

    Marvel, Dear Reader, as we unveil before your Wondering Eyes:

    • The Nautilus: Nemo's Revolutionary Submersible revealed! And a Visit to the Mysterious Island!
    • Martian War Machines in Sussex: Truth or Hoax!
    • The Albatross: Astounding Airship-vehicle of Robur, the Master of the World!
    • Challengers of the Air: The Prussian Steam Zeppelin Forces!
    • Battlefield Titans: The Land Fortresses of the Iron Chancellor and a Look at the Secret Land Fortress Werks!
    • The Very Latest in Steam Automotives for your Perusal!
    • Direct Form the "Stinktier Werks" of Bayern: Inside a Bavarian Aeroship!
    • Gigantic Steam Automatons!

    Plus interviews with the Inventors and Masterminds Selected by You, the Readers, as Those Most Interesting, including Captain Nemo; Jules Verne, Lord Tomino; Lady Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers; Robur the Conqueror; Ferdinand von Zeppelin and more!