Bristol 1350

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  • BRISTOL 1350: The dreaded Black Death has descended upon Bristol and you need to escape! To win, be on the first cart out of town while avoiding players who are secretly infected with the plague.
  • SOLO & PARTY GAME MODES: Bristol 1350 is a light strategy and social deduction game for 1-9 players ages 13 years and older. Learn in 10 minutes and play in 20-40 minutes. Includes solo play mode.
  • CONTENTS: 1 magnetic book box, 9 character cards, 27 remedy cards, 28 symptom cards, 3 miniature carts, 1 linen pouch, 1 rulebook, 9 wood pawns, 1 rubber playing map, 6 custom apple/rat dice.
  • FAST PACED GAME: Avoid those with the Black Plague (or try to infect others if you already have it!) in this medieval themed game of racing and deceit. Game includes quick turns with full-group interaction.
  • GAMEPLAY: Begin in 1 of 3 carts & try to be the first out of town. If anyone on your cart has the plague when you finish, you die! Play until an all-healthy cart crosses or everyone has the plague.