Sci-Fi City Comic Subscription Service

Just print and fill out this form and email it to

Benefits of subscribing!
Never miss an issue!
Free self‐sealing, bags and boards
No contract, cancel any􀆟me
Weekly highlight of picking up books
Volume Discount up to 30%

There is no minimum number of titles required to start a subscription. However, be aware that the subscriber discount only applies if you subscribe to a minimum of ten (10) monthly  comic books or periodicals ordered from Diamond Comic Distributors.

Subscriptions must be picked up at least once per month. If not, your merchandise will be placed on hold for two weeks. If Sci-Fi City cannot contact you in this time, your subscription will be cancelled and items on hold will be put back on the sales floor. For exceptions due to special circumstances, please contact the Sci-Fi City Manager.

Discount Structure

10-19 Monthly Titles: 10% Discount 

20-29 Monthly Titles: 20% Discount

30+ Monthly Titles: 30% Discount


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