X-Wing Second Edition: Rebel Alliance Squadron Pack

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Begin building your Rebel squadrons and launch into battles with this starter set! The brave pilots of the Rebel Alliance helped secure key victories for their cause at pivotal battles across the galaxy.

This set gives you access to some of their most iconic starfighters, including a T-65 X-wing, BTL-A4 Y-wing, and two RZ-1 A-wings. These ships are accompanied by some of the best pilots the Rebellion has to offer, in the form of both ship cards and Standard Loadout cards that help you jump right into the action. Rounding out this pack are rules for scenarios and objectives along with all the dice, tokens, movement tools, and range rulers you need to begin playing.

Plastic components.

4 Plastic Ships & Stands
7 Ship Cards
7 Standard Loadout Cards
  ‣ Luke Skywalker (T-65 X-wing)
  ‣ Jek Porkins (T-65 X-wing)
  ‣ "Dutch" Vander (BTL-A4 Y-wing)
  ‣ Horton Salm (BTL A4 Y-wing)
  ‣ Arvel Crynyd (RZ-1 A-wing)
  ‣ Jake Farrell (RZ-1 A-wing)
  ‣ Shara Bey (RZ-1 A-wing)
25 Upgrade Cards
3 Quick Reference Cards
1 Damage Deck
5 Punch Sheets
1 Range Ruler
8 Dice
5 Dial Connectors
1 Rulebook

Miniatures are supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.