Star Wars: Legion - Core Paint Set

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Bring your Star Wars: Legion army to life with the Core Paint Set! With 18 essential colors - including two washes for adding rich depths of shading to your miniatures - for depicting the troopers and vehicles of both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, this paint set is a perfect entry point for the beginning miniatures painter. You'll also find two fine-tipped brushes in this set, both versatile enough to handle every step of painting, including base colors, detail, and highlights.


Tusken Raider Tan
Jundland Wastes
Endor Green
Bounty Hunter Yellow
Endor Timber
R2-D2 Blue
Rebel Fatigues
Blaster Bolt Red
Blue Lightsaber
Mimban Mud
Sith Robes
Consular White
Sandtrooper Pauldron
Jawa Robes
Astromech Silver
Shadow Wash
Strong Tone Wash