Hard Wired Island: Retrofuture Cyberpunk

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THE YEAR IS 2020. Humanity has spread to space. GRAND CROSS is a space station orbiting Earth, a high-tech city, and a gateway to the stars. But in this distant future, it`s in crisis...

HARD WIRED ISLAND is a retrofuture cyberpunk RPG, inspired by 90s anime. This 400-page book includes: An easy-to-learn system where social actions and problem-solving skills are at least as important as hacking and getting into fights. An alternate 2020 setting in an O'Neill cylinder orbiting Earth. Descriptions of the many areas of Grand Cross, from the busy downtown Voyager Ward to the high-tech parkland of Mariposa to the Agriculture Ring that feeds the station. Six Occupations, including the Fixer, the Hacker, and the Influencer, along with a plethora of character options. Over 100 detailed NPC descriptions, from corporate heavyweights to android crime lords to just regular citizens of an Earth-orbit city. A flexible mission prep system that allows characters to adapt their plans on the fly without wasting their earlier efforts. A wealth system that tracks the financial burdens placed on you by the capitalist system you live in. A cybernetics system that doesn't dehumanize you for installing augments. A lot of great art from a lot of great artists.