Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

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Straight from the Dragon’s Mouth

"This book insists on sorting dragons into little, understandable boxes as if the readers had only 100 years or so to live and their tiny baby-brains could hold only so much knowledge…"—Fizban

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons is a comprehensive guide to the dragons of the worlds of D&D. It introduces the gem dragons—a family of five dragon kinds—as well as a variety of other Dragons and dragon-related monsters, character options, and inspirations.

It also introduces the myth of the First World, created by the dragon gods Bahamut and Tiamat, giving readers a peek into the role dragons play in the myths of many Material Plane worlds—all with notes and anecdotes from doddering archmage (and avid baker) Fizban the Fabulous, divine avatar of Bahamut himself.

Draconic Character Options

"It's all too easy to prefer a certain color of dragonborn, but what's inside is what really matters—which is to say, the sort of damage their breath can do to you."—Fizban

Draconic Races

Gain a gem dragon’s telepathic abilities or a special metallic dragon breath weapon—this book presents three variant dragonborn race options to give characters a draconic heritage strongly linked to the three great dragon families: chromatic, metallic, and gem.

Draconic Subclasses

It also adds two draconic subclasses: the Way of the Ascendant Dragon monk, who channels the essence of dragon’s breath to annihilate their enemies, and the Drakewarden ranger, bonded to an adorable draconic companion—a small Drake who may one day become a majestic winged creature large enough to ride.

Draconic Feats

Infuse a weapon with the power to deal a chromatic dragon’s elemental damage or manifest the healing and protective power of a metallic dragon—whether bestowed as a gift or won in battle, three draconic feats are also introduced for characters who form a connection with chromatic, gem, or metallic dragons.

Dragon Magic

"Great piles of coins are all well and good, but the best treasures are the ones with memories attached. Let me tell you about my collection of pie plates!"—Fizban

Draconic Spells

Summon a draconic spirit to fight by your side. Transform yourself to gain draconic abilities. Or prank your enemies by casting Nathair’s mischief for an unpredictable effect sure to amuse the famous faerie dragon it’s named after.

This book unveils a selection of spells associated with dragons that may be cast by spellcasting characters and monster alike.

Haunted Hoards & Dragon Curses

Dragons are deeply connected to the worlds in which they dwell. The magic of the Material Plane flows through them. It empowers their breath weapons and their tremendous might; it pools in their lairs and tangles in the treasures of their hoards. For a dragon, home is where the hoard is—and as their hoard grows in size, so does their magical might.

Any number of supernatural effects can linger in and around items from a legendary dragon’s hoard—whether haunted by a restless spirit, inscribed to curse any who dare plunder it, or imbued with a magical quirk that shifts a character’s personality as they wield it.

Introduces “Hoard Items"

This book reveals several magic items associated with dragons, including items connected to gem dragons and the introduction of “hoard items”—items charged with the magical energy of a dragon's hoard that may grow in strength when steeped in the magic of a more powerful dragon’s lair.


"I once spent months trying to teach a dracohydra to perform a five-part harmony. The singing didn't take, but the image of all its heads wearing the little hats and mustaches I gave them still tickles me to this day."—Fizban

In-Depth Guide to 20 Draconic Creatures

How do the mindsets of red dragons and gold dragons differ? Where do they prefer to build their lairs, and what allies do they favor?

In this book you’ll find in-depth information about twenty different draconic creatures, with insight into their personalities, tables full of their favorite treasures, adventure hooks that might lead characters to encounter a dragon of that type, and more.

Lair Maps

Scattered throughout are maps of dragon lairs you can plunder for your adventures. With them you’ll find descriptions of special lair actions a dragon may use, and regional effects that manifest in the surrounding landscape, whether it’s a ghostly naval ship escorting well-meaning creatures to a bronze dragon’s lair, or unusually talkative desert creatures living near a brass dragon.

A Bestiary Full of Stat Blocks

Across the worlds of the Material Plane and beyond, draconic creatures appear in myriad varieties. This book contains a full bestiary of stat blocks and lore—introducing gem dragons, greatwyrms of godlike power, additional creatures of the Dragon type, and creatures often associated with dragons or found in their lairs.